About our Eggs

About our Eggs


We really hope you enjoy our real free-range eggs – we thought that you might like to know a little bit more about them and the hens who have kindly produced them for your enjoyment.

All the eggs in your egg box have been laid in the last few days.  The number written on them shows the date that they were laid.  So, they are all extremely fresh.

We currently have 5 hens at RyePark, they are all different types of Maran chicken, a rare breed. There eggs range in colour from pale to chocolate and the all have wonderful golden colour yolks

It’s what the chickens EAT that determine the quality and nutritional value of their eggs. Thus, pasture-raised chickens that eat greens and bugs like ours do have the most nutritious eggs and darkest yolks.

Our eggs are very fresh so if you want them as boiled eggs you need to give them 6 mins, other ways of cooking are the same as the shop bought eggs.



Free-range Vs. Ordinary Eggs


The picture shows real free-range eggs (like the ones in your box) compared to store bought regular and “organic” eggs. This image is a great example of the difference between real free-ranged eggs, regular store-bought and store-bought “organic”.  Notice the two eggs at the bottom: pale yellow yolks with watery whites. The real home-grown free-ranged egg at the top stands out. The yolk is a deep gold and the white is thicker.

But what are the nutritional differences between free-range organic and store-bought eggs? After decades of groceries and commercial egg producers telling us there were no differences, Mother Earth News Magazine hired an independent lab to analyse the eggs. Turns out real free-range eggs are rich in carotene, HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and numerous beneficial amino acids, enzymes and minerals as well as high quality protein and even antioxidants. In fact, a true free-range egg is like a capsule of most everything the body needs.


Enjoy your Eggs!