RyePark Animals

The Sheep


We currently have 13 sheep all hand reared by us over the last four years.  Daisy and Piglet were born in 2017 and  joined our 4 original sheep who were born in April 2016, of which there are 2 males (Tipsy and Pooh) and 2 females (Button and Tiny) , unfortunately all 6 were abandoned by their mothers at a few days old or were part of a set of triplets and so had to be separated. Because of this we decided to take on the challenge of bottle feeding them every 4 hours. They are now a lot bigger but still love cuddles and people, so feel free to go and pet them.

With them you will find our two pedigree rare coloured Ryeland sheep, these two are named Wing-nut (Nutty) and Woodsmoke (Woody).  They joined us at a year old and are still quite timid of strangers.

The last five are the lambs that were born at RyePark House in April 2019.  Daisy had 2 girls, Button had a girl and a boy and Piglet one boy. These five also like to be petted but we have not given them names as we were going to sell them – but yes they are still with us!


The Chickens


We only have a few hens at the moment that provide us with lovely fresh eggs, (if you would like some to try or take home with you please feel free to ask and if we have any spare we will be happy for you to have them).  They wander around outside keeping down the slugs and snails.

To find out more about the eggs our chickens produce please use the button below


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The Cats


We have two grey/blue and white cats, Bubble and Squeak – they are mirror twins  which means they look exactly the same but in reverse, the do however have very different personalities – although both do love to get inside cars, so be careful. The girls were born in August 2015  on the neighbouring farm and came to us when they were only 6-7 weeks old and although they should be reaching the size of a normal cat now they remain very petite. Bubble and Squeak also love cuddle like the rest of our animals, so feel free to pet them, although we do ask that you don’t encourage them into the barns or their patio areas or inside the Hut.

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The Dog


Unfortunately our old girl that moved here with us, Pastie, passed away August 2019 she was nearly 17 years old and we still miss her! She was a sprollie, a cross between a welsh springer spaniel and a border collie.  However, we still have Beans who was born on 5th June, 2017 she is also a Sprollie although looks quite different to Pastie.  She is as her name suggests very bouncy and full of …. Beans.  She lives for one thing and one thing only, to chase after and bring back toys! She just loves to play.