Premises Cleaning


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Cleaning Check List

Note for cleaner:-

Before entering the premises please ensure that you are wearing gloves, masks and an apron.

Use appropriate antibacterial cleaner wherever possible.  All fabric surfaces to be steam cleaned.  All linens to be washed in a hot wash and steam ironed. All consumables to be replaced with clean or new items.


  • Remove all bed linen, towels, robes, slippers and slipper bags for washing
  • Check bins are empty and replace bin liner
  • Remove old flowers/water plants
  • Dust up high for cobwebs
  • Clean Velux controls with antibac and check all in working order
  • Wipe and clean light switches and plug sockets with antibac wipe
  • Check air conditioning set at 18’ and clean controller, check fairy lights work (where applicable) and clean switch
  • Make bed with fresh clean linen, using steam iron over everything to freshen up/clean pillows, cushions, duvet, and mattress, use sticky roller to remove any hairs etc. especially on bedhead and steam.
  • Dust/clean furniture with antibac, clean mirrors and check for personal belongings left in drawers and closets etc
  • Use sticky roller to clean lampshades, wipe down lamps with antibac especially the switches.
  • Wipe down hairdryer, ornaments, hangers, TV and remotes (where applicable) etc with antibac
  • Dust and clean windowsills, curtain rails, radiators, fire extinguisher, picture frames and skirting boards using antibac
  • Clean windows, using antibac on handles
  • Make sure light bulbs are not burned out and change if necessary.
  • Check for marks, wear and tear on blankets etc and steam clean with iron
  • Vacuum floor and rugs
  • Steam all curtains, chairs, cushions throws etc
  • Steam Floor and rugs
  • Place new towel bales and tie with ribbon
  • Put out new robes, slippers with bags, tissues, cotton wool, cotton buds and flowers
  • Use antibacterial wipe on all door handles before leaving the room

Staircase (if applicable)

  • Dust up high
  • Wipe down all handrails with antibac, dust/clean glass and check for marks.
  • Clean glass in back door wipe handle with antibac
  • Wipe light switch with antibac
  • Wipe curtain tiebacks with antibac
  • Wipe down edge of stairs
  • Hover Stairs
  • Steam curtains


  • Remove all towels and bathmats etc for washing if not done by guest
  • Check bin is Empty and replace bin liner, remove any part used toilet roll and replace
  • Remove all soap dispensers and replace with new clean dispensers
  • Dust up high,
  • Clean, scrub and sanitise showers, bathtubs, bath shelf, glass screens, sinks, and backsplashes.
  • Clean and sanitise toothbrush holders
  • Clean out shower drain
  • Clean and sanitise towel rail and polish
  • Clean mirrors, ornaments, stools etc using antibac where possible
  • Clean and sanitise floor squeegee
  • Clean and sanitise toilet replace toilet brush with new clean brush
  • Polish all chrome.
  • Wash tiled walls and polish.
  • Replace/replenish and wipe with antibac where possible, shower caps, toilet rolls and toilet cleaning gel and air freshener
  • Put out new bathmat
  • Hover floor and steam clean
  • Check toilet note and toiletries note are present sanatized and in good order
  • Wipe door handle and switches with antibac before leaving the room

Living Room

  • Dust up high
  • Remove old flowers
  • Wipe down and table, and chairs and coasters with anitbac
  • Put out tray with clean teacups, teapot, tea plates etc for scones
  • Dust windowsills, curtain rails, tie backs, ledges and skirting boards and wipe with antibac.
  • Dust furniture, blinds, picture frames, knick-knacks and lamps using antibac where possible.
  • Rearrange information booklets and check games and reposition and wipe, if possible, with antibac
  • Vacuum and steam sofas and chairs, including cushions.
  • Water plants
  • Check welcome note presentable and clean and check info book in place and wiped with antibac
  • Put in Flowers, scones, Jam etc
  • Clean windows and antibac all handles
  • Rearrange curtains and Steam
  • Check TV and Speaker and internet are all working and clean with antibac where possible
  • Wipe remote controls with antibac
  • Vacuum rugs and floors
  • Steam floors and rugs


  • Check  bins are empty and sanitize all bins, replace bin liners
  • Remove and linen for washing
  • Remove dish brush and replace with new sanitized items.
  • Remove dishcloth and sponge and discard
  • Dust up high
  • Clean windowsill and blind using antibac
  • Empty kettle if applicable and clean with antibac
  • Check everything is back in the right cupboards, clean and not damaged in any way, organise cupboards and drawers
  • Check glassware is clean
  • Check dishwasher empty and clean filter
  • Check oven is clean inside including shelves etc
  • Check fridge/freezer is empty
  • Clean and sanitise all appliances, counters, cabinets inside and out.
  • Clean, scrub, and sanitise sinks and backsplashes.
  • Polish all chrome
  • Empty toaster and clean/polish
  • Clean hob and extractor and polish
  • Clean inside and outside of refrigerator and microwave oven.
  • Hover and Steam floor
  • Restock dishwasher tablets, dishwasher soap, coffee, tea, sugar etc in Larder cupboard and bin liners.
  • Put out 2 clean tea towels and a hand towel

Outside/patio area

  • Wipe over patio set and table with antibac
  • Check umbrella working (if applicable)
  • Check outside cushions all present and clean
  • Sweep floor
  • Water plants
  • Check for weeds etc
  • Clean and change hot tub if applicable – see the other sheet.


  • Make a note of any damage and take photo of the damage
  • Clean front door and doorstep and wipe over door handle and keys with antibac
  • Lock property